Once again, duplicate titles created some confusion among our readers.  Last month, Gone was revealed to the be the title of eight other books.  This month, there were three.  And Valorie read one of the wrong ones.

However, after her rather hilarious input, we may have to read her Button Man.

OUR Button Man was less about the mob and more about an American (in cowboy boots, no less!) in London and Paris and role fame, social status, and the desire for justice is played out in our world.

Joan thought Valorie would enjoy this book because it had the violence she so loves.  It also had British and French settings, rain, a little humor, a little spice and was generally an all-around thriller.

We were advised by Valorie, however, that HER Button Man was more bad ass than OUR Button Man, and so we discussed the mob definition of the title.  We agreed that the British Button Man was less “whack-y and more a convenient title for the book.

We found the main mystery interesting and enjoyed the other plot lines around the edges that added intriguing flavor – the Ripper angle, the wife in Texas angle, the antique books angle, the politics, the serial killer profiling, and the tabloids’ impact on investigations.  We all felt like Pendrith was off from the get go, but could NOT figure out why.  Merlyn didn’t seem to be age-appropriate for what she was doing and we had problems with that.

Favorite Characters – Hugo, who was declared to be nice, but not terribly good at his job; Merlyn, Upton, Agarwal, Pendrith, Harry Walton, and none of the above.

Joan’s meeting notes are confusing — Valorie either liked or disliked Leo for setting the fire.

Least Favorite Characters – Pendrith; Harry Walton, eventually.  Dayton Harper, the little shit.  Hugo was cocky and incompetent.

Valorie revealed that the Epilogue to HER Button Man made her tear up a little.

Because this was a British mystery, Ruthanne made faces, didn’t like any of the characters, and ranked it very low.  Joan initially LOVED the book, but once plot holes and stylistic issues were pointed out to her, she dropped her rating.  But only a little.