Personally, I thought that this was mystery porn.  Actually a very good mystery, but the graphic violence and sex were way too much for me.  There’s nothing wrong with it, just not my thing. 

But the futuristic aspects of the story were very cool and like I said, the mystery, the whodunit, was compelling.

Eve Dallas is an interesting, though slightly scary character.  I’m reminded of Agent Yvette Nichol from our Louise Penny mystery – Hard, angular, messy, don’t care what people think or what she looks like, she’s just doing her job.

We had a very lively discussion about J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts, her prolificness and how she does it.  Is J.D. Robb’s stuff formulaic?  Probably.  I mean, she cranks out two books a year.  And that’s just as J.D. Robb.  She’s got other noms de plume.

The members of the group were on completely opposite ends of the spectrum on this book, too.  They either hated it or loved it.  Les, as he usually does, figured out whodunit very early on and though he didn’t like the book, kept reading, just to see if he was right. 

Roarke was declared to be too good to be true and none of us really understood why he was attracted to Eve, though a good point was made about the fact that they were both people at the top in their fields and she wasn’t like any other woman he’d ever met.  Instead of showering her with diamonds, coffee did the trick.

Pam’s picks were scooped up, as were some bound galleys and advanced reader copies that came our way.  I love seeing readers scoop up fresh, unpublished books, eager to discover something new.